Gural porselen

Bowl 23cm 1340ml


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Sold in box of 6 (not for individual sale)

The Red Collection

Painted by handcraft, the Avanos Collection showcases class and quality through the International form without compromising on elegance.
Moreover, the collection is available in turquoise, green, earth tones and anthracite.

Cleaning and Care

• Creamy and liquid detergents can be used.
• Make sure to rinse it with a generous amount of water and dry after washing.
• Avoid the use of hard cleaning materials or rubbing with wire wool. Avoid washing with bleacher and similar chemicals (such as the hard surface of scouring sponge).
• Hand wash is recommended for products with porcelain ornaments that contain plenty of gold, platinum and gilt.
Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for further information. Enjoy!